Elisa Da Prato is a filmmaker exploring music, sex, and science in various incarnations of short form, experimental, documentary, and narrative work. She edited the documentary film Keep Dancing, which was featured at several festivals internationally. Her work has screened at various venues/galleries in NYC such as Invisible Dog Gallery, Issue Project Room, Market Hotel, Zero Film Fest, and has been featured with such outfits as K Records, East Village Radio, La Blogothéque, Index Magazine, and is a featured regular artist on The Black Harbor. She is currently directing a non-fiction feature-length film examining the potential musical structure of consciousness, and curating live music/cinema events challenging that theory. With director Greg Vander Veer, of Keep Dancing, she is editing a feature length film on seminal Modern Dance figure Martha Hill. Da Prato also directs an ongoing project of motion picture portraiture as well as various, musically driven live video projects, and has performed once as a stand-up comedian.