Ex Caves

Ex Caves is an audio + video collaboration between myself and guitarist Yonatan Gat. This winter Gat and I did our first European tour, which featured performances of improvised guitar + improvised video projections. The idea is to use only black and white images, culled from James Fideler's and my motion picture portraiture series as well as a new series of people and places, with color overlays. The color elements are all video, generated from organic light elements, cut-out and brought to life. 

Cave, studio track/music video, November 2012


Live in Barcelos, Portugal I. December 23, 2012. 


Live in Barcelos, Portugal II. December 23, 2012. 


Live Recording taken from Ex Caves in Milan, January 8 2013, with video sample. This is a sample drawn from a loose storyline that was developed during the live performances. As I collect more people and places, each show will present improvised moments that play with narrative tension, typically between men and women, or mortals and deities.