Music of the Hemispheres

non-fiction-science-fiction, feature length, currently in post production.                                                                                           

Inside each of us, at every moment, a symphony plays.  It's the symphony of consciousness, but at the same time it's the symphony of the brain. – Dan Lloyd

Part diagram and part portrait, part love story and part instruction manual, Music of the Hemispheres is a non-fiction-science-fiction film, currently in progress, examining the Music of Thought Hypothesis; A theory outlined by Philosopher Dan Lloyd; who’s method undertakes converting fMRI brain data into musical scores and analyzing this "brain music" for inherent musical properties, uncovering the musicality of cognition and developing a theory that consciousness operates within a musical structure. Lloyd's theory is the lens through which we magnify the wild intersect of neuroscience, music theory, and philosophy of mind, looking to celebrate and uncover the potential symmetry of systems of thought and musical language.

MOTH is both film and experiment, pairing artists with scientists, commissioning new musical works, documenting emerging breakthroughs in music cognition and theory - offering it up to you in the form of a narrative autopsy of the harmony within, and the colossal choir that is humankind.

The film will combine forms of documentary story-telling, live music film, experimental cinema, and educational science film --> all elements working together to illucidate complexity of music and mind. We here at Moth Movie, Inc. celebrate the explanation of form, fall deeply in love with instruction manuals, and seek to poetically activate scientific information.

We have curated two live, multi-media, interdiscplinary events toward the project, celebrating and challenging the Music of Thought Hypothesis in a live musical setting. Above view the event-night short for our last event at ISSUE Project Room, in Brooklyn, which featured work by composer Aaron Einbond, performances by YARN/WIRE, and sonic realizations of brain activity by Dan Lloyd. The 14min Event-NIght Short film laid out the collaborators and experiement which featured the sonification of three human subjects (myself included). The musical results of which are featured in the short piece just below.


Music of the Hemispheres

director/editor Elisa Da Prato

director of photography James Fideler

additional photography by Greg Vander Veer, Peter Buntaine

producers Elisa Da Prato, James Fideler, Zach Layton, Greg Vander Veer