short films

Arrington with Record Lathe
created by Elisa Da Prato
Olympia, WA. 2010

Love Letter
directed/edited by Elisa Da Prato; developed in collaboration with Cheryl Bentlety
photographed by James Fideler
Easter, 2009.

I was on a date with a boy. We sat in the park. He took me kindly by the hand, gazed warmly into my eyes, and said he imagined me as some sort of wood-elf, hovering over an animal carcass, devouring flesh, with blood-stained mouth. I think, it may have been one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. And while our tryst may have only lasted another outing or two, the image stuck for a number of reasons. Shortly after, I  started watching the film Carnal Knowledge over and over and over again. And about nine months later one of my closest friends, the initmitable Cheryl Bentley, whom I have known since the stately age of 5, flew to Brooklyn and we set out to make a film tackling carnal instinct, the idea of home, and a voyeur v joy-eur perspective battle. The result somehow ended up representing my idea of what falling in love feels like.